Play Slope 2 Players Unblocked Game at school


Slope 2 Players is a browser game that was developed on the Unity engine. In this runner, the player has to overcome obstacles in order to put the best result in one run.

The main feature of this game is the competitive mode for 2 players. Here the screen is divided into two parts and the players compete with each other in order to put the best result in the race. At the same time, there is no so-called "friendly fire" in this game. Players cannot physically contact each other and, accordingly, they cannot interfere with each other during the race.

The speed of your ball will increase gradually and it will be more and more difficult to set new records. And if the player sets the goal of it and collects crystals (this is the local currency), then the complexity of the game immediately increases at times. These crystals can then be spent in the store. You can buy different skins (if you don't like the original look of your ball), and also the player can buy different temporary skills here. These skills will make it quite a bit easier to race or collect crystals.

This game is suitable for people who want to test their reflexes, and Slope 2 Players is also great for casual players who want to chill a bit and have a good time.

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