Play Slope 2 Unblocked Game at school


Slope 2 is a fascinating, endless running game. You should control a ball that rolls down the sloping platforms. At first this game may seem simple, but this is only a first impression. With each level, the ball rolls faster and faster, and the obstacles get bigger and harder to dodge. The mechanics of the game are quite simple: you can only control the ball left or right (Press A/D or left/right).

Platforms are constantly changing, becoming narrow, changing location, and can also lean! You need to be careful, but not only the changeable path is a danger: you will have various obstacles to avoid, you must not fall, because if you fall or face an obstacle, your game will start again. During the game you will find the diamonds you need to collect.

Slope 2 also has a store where you can buy new skins for your ball for the diamonds that you have collected. In addition, you can also buy a shield that protects the ball from obstacles (the shield will not save you from falling), a magnet (for collecting diamonds around ball) and the doubling of diamonds. All of this can help you at any moment of the game. Changeable endless path, collection diamonds, various obstacles, you should try to get as far as possible!

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