Play Smash Ball 3D Unblocked Game at school


In the game Smash Ball 3D, you have to go through a series of simple but interesting levels. You will be given a rotating platform with colorful blocks on it. You will need to go down to the very bottom of the platform using your ball.

The color of your ball must match the color of the platform (the game has all the colors of the rainbow), then you can move on, if not, you will need to wait until the colors match and press one button to start going down. As soon as you find yourself at the bottom, the level will be completed. If your ball did not match the color of the platform, but you still pressed the button, then you will lose, but do not worry, your progress will be saved and you will continue from the same level where you lost, but the color of your ball will change, and you will have to take this into account when playing.

Everything is simple in this game and this is its feature. You are required to press only one button and nothing more, but all the interesting gameplay is tied to this button. The gradual descent is really interesting and Smash Ball 3D will keep you entertained for hours. The whole gameplay is accompanied by pleasant sounds of descent to the base of the tower. The animations are really pleasing to the eye, the ball has a small physical model, it deforms when it comes into contact with the surface of the platform.

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